You Live, You Learn

Look Before You Leap!

I have been working at First National Bank for over two years now.  It has been a great job because I get to do everything in regards to marketing and advertising for a company.  The experience has been very educational.

What I wanted to talk about was my changing perspective.  A little over a year ago I started pushing to incorporate social media into our marketing mix.  Social media is anything where people can talk back: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Yelp are just some examples.  And I was heavily pushing for a Facebook and Twitter presence.

But as I have fought for this implementation, I have found more and more evidence that with this company at this time it would not be a good fit.  What would be a good fit is a blog.  And I have recently finished writing up a proposal for just that.

Sometimes we are so gung-ho to do something that we want to just jump right in.  This can be a good thing in many instances.  But if you are spending your own money or someone else’s money, I would highly recommend doing your homework.  It makes you look better, and it might stop you before you involve others at all.