You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Never stop exploring!

One thing that constantly amazes me about business is how little I really know.  Through my business ventures I have learned so much.  But when I go back to what I did a year ago, a month ago or even just a week ago; I find that I missed so much.

For example, I have been studying Google Adwords for almost 2 years now.  Within the last two months I have began to understand how to really use it.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been using it successfully both at my job and in my business.  Maybe a story will describe it best.

Yesterday I was going through all of the Adwords campaigns that I had set up for my work.  I was going through each one systematically and applying a new technique that I had recently learned that greatly increases click-through rate.  (It is a great technique because it gets you more qualified clicks at a cheaper price. I will write another blog post about it in the future.)  What happened though, is that as I was going through each of my separate campaigns I kept finding other little things that I had done less well than I could.  So I would take note of it to come back and fix later.

This all made for a long day of staring at A LOT of keywords, but in the end I think I am going to be much happier since I will be running a much more effective, in both cost and targeting, campaign.  So that should make my bosses happier as well.  Plus, I get even more practice in this highly valuable advertising medium.

Back to my original point, I have learned that you should never think you know everything about anything.  Keep looking.  Keep exploring.  Keep experimenting.  Who knows what you will find when you do.  Who knows where it could lead you.