Would You Like to Live Longer?

So I am immersed in materials of people who are writing about and doing business in this area of positive thinking/personal growth as a part of Glenn’s Club.  He has us set up a machine that brings tons of material right to your door.  And each day I get to wade through it.

Today I came across a very interesting article by Carolyn Butler that had this in it:

The research, which tracked more than 97,000 women older than 50 for eight years, found that optimists were 9 percent less likely to develop heart disease and 14 percent less likely to die from any cause than their pessimistic counterparts. Those with a high degree of “cynical hostility” were 16 percent more likely than all others to die during that same period.

Now, being a philosophy buff, I know that correlation is not causation.  But I have to believe that being happy is much more likely to lead to being healthy than being angry.  Anger, fear, doubt, worry and all of these negative emotions cause stress, which has been proven to have a poor effect on health.

Just one more reason to take the time and initiative to make yourself happy.  As I have said before, no one else is going to do it for you.