Who You Know

I made an offer on another rental property last night!  I am very excited. If I can secure this one I will have 12 out of the 15 doors that is my goal for 2017 by May.  I am pumped!  It is amazing what can happen when you  go looking for people that can help you. My lender is helping me find ways to make everything happen faster. My property manager is getting me key information. The listing agent is a close friend of mine who let me know the property is coming. I even know other investors who are fixing up the houses in the neighborhood who are going to help increase the property’s value.  Working to build strong relationships helps make everything happen. I am so lucky to know so many wonderful people.

I am thankful for helping others.

I am thankful for being a badass!

I am thankful for eating better and better.

I am thankful for reading.

I am thankful for two amazing daughters who treat me well.

I am thankful for an amazing wife who helps me everyday.

I am thankful for reminders to be a better friend.

I am thankful for beauty all around me.

I am thankful for watching giant snowflakes fall.

I am thankful for the world being filled with good people.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch