Where Am I and Where do I Want to Go?

I have started to blog for my business over on its own website at www.HouseSellingSpecialists.com.  So I have decided to use this blog (for its 14th use) as a place to journal and share my thoughts.  This is really what it has always been, I am just making it not specifically about real estate.

I recently had a pretty big failure in my business in hiring someone and then not being ready to have them work for me. And it threw me into a spiral of what do I want.  I was speaking with my coach and he talked to me about the three dimensions of awareness:

1. Understanding my goals and intentions

2. Understanding how my goal affects me

3. How my goal affects everyone and everything over time and in my space

So now I am just going to start typing and see what flows out of me:

My original goal was to build a huge real estate empire. I wanted employees, legions of clients, and the ability to expand hugely. I wanted it so badly that I got way ahead of myself and hired my first person when it looked like I had the ability to. I also took on several other responsibilities and put myself into a very tenuous financial situation.  So I streamlined everything that I could and have for the most part gotten myself back on track.

At the same time, I became aware of a new investing opportunity (to me) that made a lot of sense. Unfortunately, I spent a ton of capital and do not have the ability to go after any of those new opportunities.  I see that I am in a lacking mindset as I am typing this. I know that I can go out and sell more and make more money.  And I have been focusing on that. I think I am mostly just upset that my error hurt me, my family, and my employee.

I think what is really scaring me is that I screwed someone else. Normally, I charge forward without thinking about all of the possible outcomes and when I make a mistake, it hurts me.  Now that I know I can build big enough to need other people, I am afraid that when I make mistakes in the future I am potentially going to be hurting other people. Not just other people, but other people who are my responsibility and who I convinced to come on the ride with me.

Well, thank you writing down things. I have been thinking about all of this for a while and none of that realization came to me before.  I will keep going.

My goal from the very beginning of reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad twelve years ago has been to grow my passive income to the point where it does not matter if I work or not. I want time freedom, financial freedom, and I want to be able to give that to the people around me.  I think my biggest desire is simply to be able to do what I want to do when I want to do it. I saw myself at a very powerful financial position at the end of last year where I had more money than I needed.  And so I went racing off to build the business that I wanted without thinking about how to actually accomplish it. I just raced forward on all fronts at the same time.

So my goal has not been “build a big business”.  My goal has been “acquire rental properties”.  I saw “build a big business” as a fast way to acquire more properties. And now I think I see build a business and buy rental properties as competing with each other. So I am afraid to jump forward on the build a big business front because I see it as getting in the way of “acquire rental property.”

I also think that I am afraid that if I talk to Chris about this he will be disappointed in me because I am not aligned with what he is thinking.  And I love the way that Chris pushes me and makes me think about my world, so I am afraid he will not want to work with me anymore if I say that I would rather focus on building passive income than my business.

I absolutely see how building my business helps me build my passive income. I think what I am saying is that I would feel better if I could actually go out and start buying properties, because I have had the goal for so long and it has constantly been pushed aside.  I am tired of waiting for it.  I want the stability that comes with owning more assets.  I want to put myself into a surer financial footing, so that when I take those leaps in the future, I don’t have to worry on if it is going to put my family into a strained financial position.  Because it did this time. What has amazed me, is that I look at how much money I, and my wife are making, and I wonder how we could possibly be worried about money.

So where do I want to be? I want to be more financially stable. I want to be more consistent in my business so that I have a steady income stream instead of the roller coaster I have thus far experienced. I want to parlay the extra income that I generate into passive income assets (at this point: property).  I want both of those things to be present before I start jumping forward in building my business.

What this is making me think of is all of the times that I have been fired. The final time that I was fired from a job, I decided that I was going to take control of my income and my financial life. Now I believe I have decided that I understand what that actually means to me.

How does this affect me? When I can achieve this primary goal of financial stability, I can bound forward chasing the big dreams that I have because I know that my world is ready for me to do that. It makes me feel peaceful, because I know that I can chase my excitement without worrying about if it is a success or a failure.  It makes me excited that I get to chase after the big wins.

How does this affect those around me over time?  It shows them that I put their current world before my future world.  It shows them that you should chase after your dreams and become the person that you truly want to be.  It shows them that you should focus on the world that you have and how to make it not only better, but amazing.  It shows them that pushing to be great means thinking about more than just yourself.  It means thinking about how you affect those around you, and what you can do to help those around you.