When Yes is Bad

I have a problem.  I have had it for quite a while, and I am slowly trying to deal with it.  I say yes.  I say yes to most everything, and it usually is a good thing.  But in some instances it is not.

I grew up with two parents who volunteer a lot.  They always have and they still do.  If you check my LinkedIn profile, you will see that I am doing a very good job of following in their footsteps.

But recently I have found that I need to focus more on the specific goals that I want to achieve.  I have said yes to so much that I am getting cluttered and having to put off things that I really want to do.   Or I am simply not moving forward at the pace that I want to toward those goals.  And in some instances, my well-intentioned yes didn’t help anyone because I was unable to fulfill my obligation to the best of my abilities.

So I guess the lesson for today is that you need to choose what you really want.  It could be as simple as writing down your obligations, and putting them in order of their importance.  Then go do the most important one.  Don’t let the others distract you because you have already said that the one you are working on now is the most important one.  You now have your reason to say no.