What is Your Conditioning?


Over the weekend, my fiance went to her parents.  I stayed home since most of the things she was doing did not involve me.  I had a friend come over and we ended up imbibing a wee bit of alcohol.

What amazed me was how incredibly negative I felt for the rest of the weekend.  I sat there in my hungover stupor and decided that I was failing at life, that I was never going to make a business that worked, and that I suck in general.  Great way to spend the weekend.

I must admit that I do not drink very much, and after this experience, I remember why.  What was really interesting to me though was what I did about it.  Every put-down I could come up with, I instantly started arguing with myself for why it wasn’t true.  Every insult I hurled at my life, I would prove to myself that it was false.

Why is this significant?  I have conditioned myself to think positively.  I have conditioned myself to move forward.  Most importantly, I have conditioned myself to attack complaints.

So it took some time for the alcohol to get out of me.  But I came out of my haze being more positive of what I was going to do.   I have created a set of habits that I can now rely upon to get me where I want to go.  It is amazing what can be done with a purpose driven life.