What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

1If you are thinking about selling your house in 2016, right now is an incredible time.  There are two main reasons why:

1. Everyone thinks that they should wait until Spring when more buyers are out.  It is absolutely true that there are more buyers in the market in Spring and Summer.  It is also true that all of those sellers who think the first sentence of this paragraph means they should wait, start putting their houses on the market.  That means that you have far more competition for those buyers. Right now, houses are flying off the market.  Buyers are getting upset because they want to go see a house the day after it came on the market and it is already off the market.  Well positioned houses are moving fast right now.

2. In the last month the mortgage rate for a 30 year Fixed Rate Mortgage has dropped 0.27%!  On December 30th, 2015 the rate was 4.11%.  Right now, the 30 year FRM is at 3.84%.  Some of the more aggressive lenders are quoting 3.75%.  That means that a buyer who could not afford your house one month ago, can today.  That means that there are even more buyers out there RIGHT NOW that want to buy with low inventory on the market.

In summary, right now interest rates are at the lowest they have been since April 2015.  There are buyers coming out of the woodwork to take advantage of this while it lasts.  And right now there are a lot of people sitting on their houses waiting for warmer weather to sell them, which means that you have far less competition for these highly motivated buyers.

Get your house on the market. If you know someone thinking about selling in 2016, share this with them and help them sell their house for more money in less time.  If you are looking for a house selling specialist who knows all of this and is constantly following micro and macro markets to make sure his clients are getting the best service and information possible, you can reach me at 515.639.0047 or RyanLynch@KW.com.

~Ryan Lynch