What is Your Focus?

I am a big Earl Nightingale fan.  Probably his favorite quote is “You are what you think about.”  Let’s take a moment today and think about what you think about.

I have been promoting having a goal, and focusing on the positive.  Why, because most people do the exact opposite.  They have no idea what they want, and they can easily come up with a million excuses for why they will not get what they do want.

Let’s take a more specific example.  Let’s say that a person is asked to be a gym buddy so that both people will become more healthy.  Most people would say yes with all the best intentions in the world.  But they stop there.  There is no goal for how often to go to the gym, or how much weight they want to gain or lose.

Instead they start thinking about how they will probably fall off of this pact within a month.  They think about all of the reasons for why they wont be able to make it to the gym tonight.  They worry about how much work it will be to maintain the routine once they have gotten to the level they want.  And then we all know what happens next.  They abandon the gym altogether.

All because without choosing their focus, they get their focus chosen for them.  What is your focus?