What Influences Them?

Another thought that Chris brought up (and has brought up countless times) is that you cannot influence people the way that you are influenced. You need to find out what influences them, and influence them in that way.  Simply, dig and ask questions.  It seems so simple, and I consistently go back to working to influence others the way that I want to be influenced. ASK QUESTIONS!!!  DIG!!! LISTEN!!!

Yesterday I was single parenting.  So last night we came home after work and school and Nora helped me make pizzas.  Hailey can now go up and down stairs, and it was really fun watching her get very excited about that fact.  Then we all went to the play place.  I love taking Nora there now because she goes with the intent of making friends.  Then she does and has a great time. I love taking Hailey there now because it is such a different experience than with Nora. Nora always wanted me or Amber to do everything with her. She still does.  Hailey instantly just crawls over and starts doing her own thing.  I could go for a walk around the mall and come back, and I don’t think Hailey would notice. Totally awesome move for the night: Hailey climbed up the stairs and went down the slide all by herself! That little girl is amazing!


I am thankful for outgoing, adventurous children!!!

I am grateful for good business and good clients!!!

I am grateful for South Park!!! (This season has been amazing so far!

~Ryan Lynch