What if the Why is not Good Enough?

I was going through and thinking about my shifting priorities, and somewhat arguing with myself around what if it would be better for me to not shift my priorities.  The thought that I came to was what does it really get me if I work harder at building my realtor business to the detriment of these two things that that are exciting me so.  The only answer that I could come up with is that I get more money faster.

As I dug deeper into this thought, I could not think of one reason of why that was so important.  Let’s say that one year from now I have an extra $100,000.  Now I could buy two or three more investment properties with that. Or I could use the strategy that I am using now, still get those three investment properties in the same time (and probably more than that) and have more time for the things that I know are making me more happy.

I could put that $100,000 into finding, hiring, and training one or two badass employees. I absolutely want to hire, and I still want my seventh level team.  I can do all of that over the time of 2-3 years, live life the way that I want to and still get what I want.  If I were to push myself to get that extra money faster, and hire faster, it just becomes a repetitive cycle where I now need to hustle harder to get more money to continue to pay for those employees.  Instead, I can let my business grow at a steady pace and enjoy myself while I am doing it.  Not to mention, I am happier, more at peace, and that means that I am approaching my clients in that state which helps put them into that state as well.


I am grateful for family.

I am grateful for RJ’s thoughts.

I am grateful for Agents of Shield.

I am grateful to get outside in February.

I am grateful to snuggle with Nora and Hailey in the morning.

I am grateful to hear about Amber’s great day.

I am grateful to hear about Amber’s unexpected conversation.

I am grateful to have Amy Eaton’s help.

I am grateful to be excited about my business.

I am grateful for my ability to listen to myself.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch