What I am Afraid Of

fearI think that I am very lucky in that people believe me when I say that I want to help and I want to listen.  People will share with me what they are afraid of, worried about, stressing over.  But I thought it should be a two way street and that I should share what I am afraid of.  Here is a small portion of the things I am afraid of:

  1. I will fail
  2. I will succeed
  3. No one will want to work with me
  4. Too many people will want to work with me
  5. People will think I am lying
  6. How my hair looks
  7. Other’s are lying to me
  8. Am I out of shape
  9. Am I wrong
  10. What if it doesn’t work
  11. What if I do the work and it still doesn’t work
  12. What if there is a better way than the way that I am doing it
  13. What if people misunderstand
  14. Why does my shoulder hurt

This is just a short list of the things that bring fear into my life.  The reason that I started thinking about this was that I am finding that clients and potential clients have a lot of things that they are afraid of that I get to help them with.  Some in real estate, some outside of real estate.  Much of it I have been able to help with.  The thing that I am finding to be the most helpful is my level of communication.  The more that I explain what is going on and ask what people are thinking about, the more fear that I am able to take out  of the transaction.

So I would ask for two things: 1. Have you or someone you know bought or sold a house before and had something that caused you fear in the transaction?  I would like to know what to look out for so that I can help my clients even more.  2. Do you know anyone looking to sell or buy a home that I could help?  Assistance in either area will be brought back to you tenfold.  I promise.

As always, if you need anything, call me at 515.724.3163, email me at RyanLynch@kw.com, or find more about me at www.LynchSellsHomes.com or www.RyanjwLynch.com.

Have a fantastic week!

~Ryan Lynch