What Holds Me Accountable?

I had a fantastic coaching call with Chris Hart yesterday. I have been doing a lot of good thinking around what I want and why I want it. He brought up that now the power is in my hands and I need to figure out what holds me accountable to doing what I need to do to get to where I want to be.

The example that he used was: who holds me accountable to not cheat on my wife?  There is no one who is checking in occasionally going, “Hey, did you cheat on your wife today?”  I do not need someone to hold me accountable to that because I hold myself accountable.  I know that if I were to do that, I would lose my relationship with Amber, and so much more.

So Chris asked me to think about what are my reasons to hold myself accountable to do everyday, what needs to be done every day.

Number one is me.  Looking at the past, I have had times where I was extremely accountable and did my lead generation every day no matter what. I got a workout in, every day, no matter what.  I meditated every day, no matter what. I did affirmations every day, no matter what.  So the first thing is that I know that I can do it.  And that is a level of accountability, because I want to get better, not worse. If I did it in the past, and I am not doing it now, I am getting worse.  That is actually a very strong level of accountability for myself, and for my motivation.

Looking to the future, I have laid out a very definite path with very definite outcomes.  I have very specific goals that I have just spent the last week diving deep on the impact of those goals to those I love and to those around me.  Having that deeper understanding of my desires, and the impact of those desires gives me huge motivation.  I had worried that my goals were selfish and all about me. When I actually unpacked them, and took the time to think them through, my goals impacted countless people for the better.

So there is both pleasure and pain here. The pleasure of achieving what I want and impacting so many people around me so strongly. The pain of going backwards, and not living up to the standards that I have set for myself.  That seems like a good start.

~Ryan Lynch