What Happens When I Do It?

So what happens when I hold myself accountable and do the things I need to do consistently? The simple answer is that I get what I want.  I become more healthy and fit. I grow my financial abundance. I grow myself. I grow those around me.

I am going to focus on how I feel.  Pride. Joy. Enthusiasm. Excitement. Connection. Significance. Freedom.

When I was working for other people, my number one desire was time freedom.  When friends or family came into town, I wanted to just be able to take off and go see them.  When I had the chance to travel, I wanted to just be able to say yes. When I was sick, I wanted to be able to just stay in bed and recover as quickly as possible.  I wanted Control.  So I guess it is not even really about freedom, as much as it is about control.

Now that I control my time and my income, I need to apply what I am thinking about as seeing control of me as an extreme.  When I control me to do the things that I need to do, I get the things that I am supposed to get.  And allowing myself to slack off, or say “not today” means that I am not truly controlling myself.  I am letting whim, or distractions, or random anything control me.  If what I truly want is control, than I need to take it and control myself for what I need to do to get what I want.

~Ryan Lynch