What Happens if I Don’t Do It?

So what if I choose to be lazy?  What if I choose to put it off for tomorrow?

I am consistently disappointed in myself.  I have so much potential within me that I am wasting.  I can do so much more. I can be so much more.

All of the people that I could have helped, get helped by someone who is not me.  I know that my goal is consistently to add value and make sure that everyone I work with is as happy as possible.  All of the people that I, and my business, could have helped get help from somewhere else. Somewhere that does not have my standards, and does not have my skill.

My family sees someone who could have, but didn’t. What does that say to Amber, Nora, and Hailey? You weren’t important enough for me to give you the life that you deserve.  I decided to make my day easy instead of make your life easier. I failed you.

~Ryan Lynch