What Does Positive Thinking Mean?

Positive Thinking can get you there!

So I sit here and I tell you to “Think Positive.”  Ok, protons!  What exactly do I mean by this.  Should I never allow myself a negative thought? (Electrons! Had to.)  Should I apply it in every situation?  What if I really don’t want to?

Well, in the context that I am writing about it; I mean that you should try to regularly focus on the positive over the negative.

Let’s look at this through example.  Let’s say that you have a speech coming up and you get to present it in front of prospective clients.  You could focus on the negative: stage fright, what if you mess up, what if everything you say is just repeats of what the audience has heard before?  You could literally go on forever thinking about all of the possibilities that could go wrong.

Or you could focus on positive thinking.  What if you get a bunch of new clients from this presentation?  What if everyone loves it and you get invites to new speaking engagements?  What if you record it and were able to sell it?

Now ask yourself a question.  If you knew two people, and one had the negative mindset, while the other was thinking positively, who do you think would give a better presentation?  If you were focused on all of the ways that you could mess up, you are MUCH MORE LIKELY TO MESS UP!  We are what we think about.  If you are only thinking about messing up, chances are you are going to mess up.  It is just that simple.

This is just one more reason to focus on the positive.  If we are what we think about, and what we think about is positive thinking, then we are positive.  I have never been more positive of anything.

To the question of applying it in every situation, I would say that you should apply it to most.  There are absolutely situations where you should not harp on the positive.  The most obvious example I can think of is a funeral.  That is probably not that best place to try and put a smile on everyone else’s face.  Outside of situations like that, I would highly recommend trying to keep a positive spin in mind.