What Does Dale Carnegie Do?

I do not believe that there is a question that I get asked more than, “What does Dale Carnegie do?”  The most straightforward answer I can give to that is we change behavior and habits to make people perform at a higher level.  By consciously eliminating old habits, we are able to replace them with new skills, tools and behaviors that will stick.  That means that you or your people don’t invest time and money only to have everything forgotten days or weeks later.  You are working differently.  By ingraining the change in your habits and behaviors, you continue to act differently.

Do you have a team or a team member who is already at the top of their game and doesn’t know how to improve even more?  Do you have people who are stuck doing things the way that they have always done them?  Do you have anyone that either needs to change or you are going to have to ask them to leave?  We can help you keep them and be happy that you did.

Dale Carnegie does this in Leadership, Communication, Sales, Presentations, Customer Service, Employee Engagement, Innovation and more. Do you want to develop a stronger leadership pipeline?  Do you want your customer service scores to go up?  Do you want your employee morale to increase? Do you want to grow market share?  Do you want to reduce turnover?  Do you want to become a leader in your company?  Do you want your employees to take more ownership and not have to come to you as often?  Do you want your customers to become raving fans?  This is what Dale Carnegie does for businesses and individuals.

How we do it is a four step process: Attitude, Knowledge, Practice with Coaching, New Skill.

1. Attitude – We work with the people who are going to participate in our programs before they begin to understand what it is that they want to get out of working with Dale Carnegie.  We get them to set personal goals and discuss how they have been able to change themselves in the past.  This gives them a framework that they can control what they do and gives them reasons to do it.  Notice, we do not tell them what they should want or do.  We draw it out from them so that it is as powerful and personal as possible.  This gives them internal motivation to push themselves and try out new ways of doing things.

2. Knowledge – We give our participants skills, tools and knowledge to be able to do things differently.  Things that have worked for 100 years of Dale Carnegie and in over 80 countries around the world.  What we give to people works.

3. Practice with Coaching – Now, let’s say that I have read 30 books on how to fly.  Would you be interested in getting into a plane with me for my very first flight?  Dale Carnegie’s coaches go through a rigorous process to become certified coaches that usually takes around two years to complete.  We are the most highly accredited organizational development company in the world.  Our programs, ideally, are time-spaced so that the participants can go out and do real world application, while still having us to come back to and discuss real world results.  Dale Carnegie coaches can then adjust and direct to get maximum development.

4. New Skill – New tools, skills and knowledge are applied and built upon every week so that behaviors become ingrained and develop into permanent habits.  This means that you or your employee increases their performance in dealing with customers/employees, leading their teams, developing their people, selling or whatever your desired outcome is.  This increase in performance stays with them because it has become a new habit.

Dale Carnegie helps you and your people become more efficient, more profitable, more customer focused and happier to be at work.

Imagine going to your office and spending a whole day focusing on your tasks because you do not have to worry about your people doing theirs or interrupting you for help.  Your people are competent and take ownership and pride in what they do.  That is what Dale Carnegie does.

If you would like to go deeper and really create the culture that you want in your workplace, give me a call.  My phone number is 515.724.3163 and my email is Ryan do Lynch at Dale Carnegie dot com.  I can help.

~Ryan Lynch