What Do You Want?

Absolutely no one has asked me this, but if someone were to ask me what is the most important thing to know if you want to be happy; my answer would be simple.

Know what makes you happy.

So many people complain about being bored in their lives.  So many people seem to be waiting for someone to tell them the “secret” that will make their lives wonderful, amazing and full of bright, sparkly days.  Ludicrous!  That which makes me happy might be the most horrendously boring thing in the world to you.

How on earth can you find happiness if you have no idea what you are looking for?  I know people who love to think about math and science.  I would shoot myself if that was even 3% of my life.  I know people who are not happy unless they get to see their sports team win.  I haven’t watched a sporting event since the Super Bowl last year.  And that I mostly just watch to be around people and for the commercials.

My point is we are all different.  No one is responsible for your happiness, except for you.  If you aren’t going to do anything about it, no one else will.  Take some time to THINK about what makes you happy.  When have you been fulfilled in the past?  What people were you around?  What were you doing?  If you can pinpoint those things, you can work to get them into your everyday life.

Simple question: What do you want your life to be?  Maybe not so simple to answer, but well worth the effort.