What Did I Learn?

It is amazing what can come from the worst conditions.

Last night I was home with my wife when her back suddenly went out.  For the rest of the night she was immobile, and it has continued through today.  So I called to check in with her and being the Type A personality that she is she was incredibly frustrated that she couldn’t work on the things that she wanted to get done.  I pointed out that this was a great time for her to work on her patience.  Patience is a virtue that can have great rewards if practiced.

She, of course, was not too happy about me making this recommendation.  But she did see the value in it.

I have often found in my life that the parts that I dislike the most often have quite a bit to teach me.  For example, I used to work for a bank that shall not be named that I hated working at.  I dreaded every day of driving in to work.  My coworkers were great, it was the culture of the company I despised.  They did not want thoughtful employees in my mind, they wanted blind followers. I could not stand it!

But it did teach me quite a bit about myself and the work environment that works the best for me.  I work best in a hands off environment where I am allowed to contribute and take responsibility.  This helped me greatly in future jobs and in selling myself to those positions since I was more self aware.

Every situation has the ability to teach you something, no matter how bad it is.  Sometimes, it is the worst situations that have the most to teach you.  Instead of getting upset, or giving up, ask yourself: What can I learn from this?