What Am I Really Thinking About?

I realized that I am keeping everything in the general sense, so I started asking myself what is it that I am really pushing against.  The answer that came back immediately is FSBOs.  I am getting more and more business out of my sphere, and I am working the expired game really well too.  I have backed off pretty dramatically from For Sale By Owners.  Doing so has meant almost no night and weekend meetings for me. It has also meant less listings.

I know that I would get more business faster if I went and called more FSBOs. I also know that that means that I would have more time in my family time and me time cut out.

Let’s say that calling FSBOs only gets me one more listing per month on average. That means 12 more deals. Plus let’s say that half of those mean that I also get the buyer. That means I am up to 18 more deals in my year. 18 deals times $4,000 per deal. That means $72,000 more income in a year.  This is where I am struggling. $72,000 means another employee that I can add on.  $72,000 means more rental properties that I can buy.  Added up over five years, it means an extra $360,000 for my family.

It also means less nights with my girls. It also means dealing with the most difficult type of client. That being said, when I convert a FSBO, they have become some of my most vocal proponents.  I have a greed for the money, and I can think of lots of uses for it. I have a greed for my time with my family, and I only get one shot through this life.

This is going to require some thought.

I am grateful for clarity.

I am grateful for deep breaths.

I am grateful for making my girls squeal.

I am grateful for skin to skin contact.

I am grateful for  movement.

I am grateful for push ups.

I am grateful for cleansing.

I am grateful for photographs.

I am grateful for smiles.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch