Well That Happened

Every week I call my database.  Keller Williams has a great system around it that they call Do the Two.  Basically they have two letters assigned to every week and you call all of the people in your database whose name starts with those letters in that week.  I have had many interesting conversations, and yesterday I ended up having a two hour long conversation with Buttons.

I have known him since high school, and we have been friends that entire time.  He went into the real estate business on the construction side over ten years ago and has also done flipping.  We have been on very similar paths even getting married around the same time and having kids about the same age.  We started talking about each other’s businesses and the more that we talked the more that we found we were on the same page.  We are even thinking about the same things as next steps in our business and in our entrepreneurial life. I think that we were both impressed and surprised by how similar our thinking was on a variety of topics.

So I believe that we are going to work on talking more often and helping to push each other.  I am interested to see where this goes.  I think we can both be of benefit to each other and I think that we will both help each other go further.


I am thankful for my drives.

I am thankful for Hailey’s strength.

I am thankful for Nora’s thought process.

I am thankful for Amber’s smile.

I am thankful for Nick Buttons.

I am thankful for calling no matter what.

I am thankful for my frequency now.

I am thankful for the frequencies I am moving toward.

I am thankful for my Miracle Morning.

I am thankful for my parents.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch