Wednesday, September 21st

I am so happy and grateful now that I am enjoying the abundance of my days. Yesterday, I got to start the day by getting Nora and Hailey to myself. Amber had an early meeting, and that means that I got the girls in the morning. I am so grateful for my time with them. They are amazing.  It is so fun to watch them play with each other.

After dropping them off, I got to do my morning routine.  I love getting outside. I love meditating, reading, writing and doing my affirmations and visualizations. They all just get me in the zone that I want to be in.  I made some more FSBO phone calls and set a couple more appointments. I am so grateful for the Fastest Source of Business Opportunity.

I was lucky enough to see Amber over lunch, which I always love. Then I went to meet Nate and Jessica and help them sell their house.  I am grateful that I get to help them move on to the situation that they want to be in. Then I listened to a training from Chris, and went to look at a FSBO.  I got to pick Nora and Hailey up as well, and then we went home and relaxed.

Last night I am so grateful that Amber and I got to do dinner with Guess and Mel.  We finally got to meet the girl that Matt has been telling us so much about, and she was fantastic! Plus, I just love any chance I get to see Matt.

Then Amber and I finished off the night in each other’s arms, and we got to watch the season premiere of SHIELD.  I am ALWAYS grateful for that.

~Ryan Lynch