Wednesday 9-14-16

I am grateful that I consistently call my database and it provided me with Tiffani, and new buyer and seller lead yesterday.  Meeting her was great, and getting to help her was my purpose.  I am grateful that I am able to get outside and enjoy my day. Being able to control my schedule, and optimize my exercise and time outside makes my life better every day.  I am grateful for making my sphere calls, because I love catching up with people and seeing how I can help. I am always amazed at what comes out of my conversations and how I am able to connect with people. In particular, talking to Jason yesterday was fantastic because I love geeking out with him about movies and netflix shows.

I am grateful that Amber, Nora, Hailey and I were all able to get a night of just us.  We made pancakes, and Nora was very happy for brinner.  Then we walked over to the playground and Nora and Hailey both loved exploring. I got some one on one time with Hailey and it is so fun to watch her explore the world.  With the second one, I get to relax more, because I am less afraid of the possibilities, and just enjoy her learning and exploring. I am so lucky in my life. Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch