Want to Make Your Boss (Or You) Really Happy

I subscribe to a wonderful little service called Make Use Of that scours the interwebs for me and daily sends me an email of cool new sites that are popping up.  There are a lot of interesting sites that it points me too, and I wanted to share one with you.

It is Gone Google.  This is a very clever little site that shows you how much money your company could save by switching over to using Google Docs.  It estimates that using Google Docs at FNB for example, would save the company $477,998.  That is nothing to sneeze at.

But what I would put forth is how much easier Google Docs is to use than other office software.  Let me list the ways:

  1. There is only one document – With Google Docs when I create a document, multiple people can work on it from all over the world and the one document gets updated simultaneously.  So if my co-worker and I are working on the same document, and I delete a sentance/cell/etc. then my coworker can see that change instantly on the document they are working on.  No more version 1, 2s and 3s, just one document.
  2. You can access it anywhere – All you need is an internet connection and you can access any of your word docs, spreadsheets, presentations, videos and more anywhere.  No more having to run back to your computer, just go online.
  3. It Works on Any Format – Are you using a Mac, and your coworker is on a PC?  Doesn’t matter!  You can still do everything else that I am talking about.  No need to convert files.
  4. Huge Storage – It is Google.  They don’t want you to ever have to delete anything.  The typical gmail inbox has 50 times more storage than Outlook.
  5. Collaboration is Easier – Gmail has integrated instant messaging, voice and video chat.  You can communicate in any of these ways with your team while you are all looking at the same, update-able file.
  6. Always Up to Date – Google does security patches and software updates automatically and in the background.  You don’t need to restart your computer, or buy the “latest version.”  When you go to use it, it is the latest version.
  7. Phones – All of these work with BlackBerry’s, Android, or even iPhones.

It really is a much easier way to work, from anywhere, at the same time.  Why not collaborate from home if there is a snowstorm?  Or take extra “vacation” days since you can work by the beach as well.  Google can help you do that and much more.