Walk and Talk!

I am so grateful for yesterday!  I had a good work day which included my contacts to contracts class and some solid networking.  I also got to sit down with Adam Steen and he and I had an incredible conversation. He is helping Liberty National Bank build its mortgage business, and he is getting ready to transition over to building its commercial business. So I have many contacts on the realtor and investor side and I started laying them out for him.  He also gave me some background on an innovator event that he helped found at DMACC and talked about how he had found speakers for it and had now become a speaker for it.  It made me think of my vision conversation with my future self from Tuesday and I brought up that I love doing public speaking and would always be available if he needed a speaker for anything. He ended up coming up with a few different people that I should meet, including someone who had been Zig Zigler’s manager.  Think about how crazy this situation is. I set the meeting a couple of weeks ago. I had the vision conversation on Tuesday, and then I was put in a situation where I can potentially meet with someone who was highly successful at helping Zig Zigler write, speak, and teach. I am so grateful for my life.

I also got out for another fantastic walk and talk with Matt Guess.  He is heading down a path that he is so excited about with a new sales role with a company that is built for giving and charity. He is incredibly excited about Mel. And he is willing to listen to me go on and on about my miracle morning and what all it is doing for me.  He also suggested a new walking path that lead to some amazing sights (halloween houses, river views, and beautiful fall leaves) and helped me explore a part of Des Moines that I do not know very well.  I am so grateful to have him in my life.

Plus we had Nora’s gymnastics and she got to wear her batgirl outfit. And Myles (a boy in her class) wore batman.  So it was pretty fantastic. Plus Hailey is getting more and more confident with walking, climbing, and sliding, so she was so fun to watch. I love my life!

I am grateful for beautiful Fall leaves.

I am grateful for happy friends.

I am grateful for staying connected.

I am grateful for doors being opened.

I am grateful for beautiful Fall weather.

I am grateful for exploring.

I am grateful for my transaction coordinator.

I am grateful for writing down my thoughts.

I am grateful for an amazing family.

Thank you for this life!

~Ryan Lynch