Waking Up

Post originally put on MySpace Sept. 4th 2007

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Written January 8th, 2004:

I had the thought today that when I was young I was incredibly weak and small. I remember being afraid all of the time of bigger, stronger people. That was not a fun part of my life. But I realized it was important in shaping who I am now. I have now lived the life of nerd, jock, frat boy, clothing salesman, collegiate student, and so much more. I am so many different people leading up to who I am now.

This has made me look at people differently. I now look at people not as who the are before me, but as a gathering together of the many selves that they are. This has made me take the outlook of enjoying someone no matter what they are like. Because however they are behaving at one specific point does not have to change my attitude toward someone. How a person is acting in one instance is just a part of them at that moment. It does not affect who they have been through time. So there is no reason to get angry at someone you love. There is no reason to hold a grudge against a friend. There are so many people and we only really get to know such a small few of them. So I can honestly say that people don’t make me angry. Almost nothing makes me angry.
I can apply the same thought to anything, including emotions themselves. I can become angered or unhappy but accept these emotions for what they are. And with accepting them I can work back towards happiness. All this because I remember and accept who I was and who I am.