Wagon? What Wagon?

I fell off that wagon pretty quickly. Yesterday I had two dutch letters, a redbull, and most of a bag of barkthins.  What is so amazing is that I see what it does to me. I had the dutch letters first, and within a half hour of eating one I started to feel tired, sluggish and unmotivated.  Just one dutch letter!  It took me off track for the day.  It made me crave more sugar.  It made me do things just so that I could get more sugar.  Amazing.  Today is another day.

I am loving watching Hailey walk now. The funniest experience is cooking dinner and all of a sudden she toddles by. She really doesn’t care if she is alone or with someone. So she just goes off and does whatever catches her attention at the moment. She gets bored with something and then moves on to the next. And she will just walk right on by. Hilarious!


I am grateful for Nora’s gymnastics.

I am grateful for Hailey’s persistence.

I am grateful for Amber’s snuggles.

I am grateful for beautiful Fall days in what should be Winter.

I am grateful for a very comfortable bed.

I am grateful for great books.

I am grateful for a fantastic CC group.

I am grateful for adding value to others.

I am grateful for sushi.

I am grateful for an amazing network that can always help me.

I am grateful for growth and accomplishment.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch