Ups and Downs

Today I am focusing on gratitude. Yesterday I had a great conversation with a new buyer that I think pleasantly surprised both of us. I am grateful for Wayne, my new lead source who gave me the lead. I am grateful for Val, my new lead for being excited to work with me by the end of our call, even though she was not at the beginning. I am grateful for developing a whole new way to work with buyers that what I have done before, which I think will add value to them, and add time to me.

I am grateful that I just had a deal fall through. It means that I get to work more with my buyer and help her find what she truly wants. It means I get to show her more value and help her through the disappointment.  It means that I get to work harder to make life better for her.

I am grateful for putting another deal together today. I am grateful that I am able to work with someone halfway around the world and still knock her socks off with my abilities. I am grateful that everyone is happy, and I can potentially make it a win for the seller, buyer, and tenant.

I am grateful for time with my family last night and amazing ideas from my wife. Everyone was happy to get out of the house and it makes Nora’s night to get out to Snookies and share some ice cream with her family.

I am grateful for my accountability and persistence. I have decided that there are certain things that I am going to do every day. And since I decided that, I have made it happen. No matter what the day brings.

I am grateful for my coach. Chris pushes me every time I talk to him to become the best me possible, and yesterday’s call was no different.

I am grateful for the outdoors and my health. Going for my bike ride this morning was invigorating. Pushing myself to go farther, longer, and faster makes me know I can do it and that there is always more to be done.

I love my life. I love my family. I love my work. I love my clients. I love my friends. I am so grateful for such an amazing life. Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch