Tuesday, Sept 20th

I am so happy and grateful now that my actions are lining up with my beliefs, and I am receiving the results that I want because of it.

Yesterday, my work day started out with a call for a listing referral. That is about the best way to start a Monday. A huge dose of gratitude for Shane for the referral. I am excited to show his friend what I can do.

I got outside, and I am always incredibly grateful for that. I have a simple week for my sphere calls (two people), so I jumped right into FSBOs.  I am always amazed at how simple and quick the phone calls are. They really will just let anyone into their house with no knowledge on if they are wasting their time or not.  I am grateful that I get the chance to help many of them have a safer and more profitable experience.

My coaching call with Chris was yesterday, and I am always incredibly grateful for that.  Yesterday my big a-ha was around value.  You can vomit value (sell and tell) all over people.  If you don’t know what they want and are trying to achieve, none of it matters.  The only thing that matters is what they want and what value I can add to that.

Then last night was our one full family night with nothing to do at home this week. I am so grateful to have these moments of just getting to enjoy my three incredible girls.  They always make me so happy.

Thank you for this life. I love this life.

~Ryan Lynch