Truth and Openness

This is another writing from my past.  I believe I wrote this when I was about 20 years old.

Truth and Openness should be your goals.  I should want to be open and honest about everything.  I try and say everything I say with honesty.  Sure, I lie to mess with people.  But when it comes down to being asked a questions where an honest response is necessary, I should always tell the whole truth.

Because I can tell the truth and not tell the whole truth.  So I think that it is important to tell everything.  Being open and honest allows me to live my life.  I do not have fear of being found out.  I know that I am honest to everyone good or bad.  I tell people the truth and they know that is what to expect from me.

With this comes a wonderful release.  When you stop caring about if what you say is true or not, you start worrying less about what you are talking about, or what you might talk about.  You start worrying less about what you think about what you say.  You start worrying less about what other people think about what you are saying.  Nothing really matters but the truth.  So it’s okay if that girl doesn’t like you.  It’s okay if that guy thinks you are a jerk.  Because the only opinion that matters is your opinion about you.

Here the truth comes in again.  Are you happy with yourself?  I am happy with myself.  I have made decisions that have done me well.  I have made decisions that have done me poorly.  But I am happy for both.  I have done very good things.  And I am happy to have had these experiences.  By my own morality, I have done very bad things.  But I am happy to have done them.  Those experiences, both good and bad, have created who I am right now.  And I am very happy with who I am.

If I wanted to change an experience in the past, I would be wanting to change a part of who I am.  Therefore, I cannot look back at the past with regret, anger or any other emotion because it is wasting who I am now.  I do not want to change those things in the past, so why let them ruin my now by obsessing over them?  Now is all I ever really have.  So I should enjoy it to the fullest.

One thought on “Truth and Openness

  1. What I like about this post is that you’ve found something that stands the test of time. Its clear that you felt this was years ago and the fact that you still stand by your statements says a lot about you along with the content.

    The post sounds a lot like a conversation I had with a friend once. It didn’t end well and I regret that (irony intended.)

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