Training and Education are Different

I believe that there is a common misconception that training and education are the same thing.  It happens because so many of us have been signed up for “training” only to go to a two or three hour seminar where someone talks at us the entire time and then we promptly forget everything that we heard.  Or our organization’s definition of training is the mandatory sexual harassment pamphlet that they have to take a half hour to read to you by law.

Education is learning knowledge.  Education involves books, lectures, slides and tests.  A large part of education is memorization.  You can self-educate.  Go get a book, audio-book or use Google, and you can find all of the information that you will ever need.

Training is learning a shift in habits or behavior.  Training involves applying, practicing and performance shifts.  You cannot self-train.  If you already know how to do something, you do not need to be trained on it.  If you need to be trained on something, you do not know how to do it.  So you need someone else there who knows what they are doing, can witness what you are doing and help you adjust the things you do not even know you are doing.

I highly recommend doing both.  I do constantly.  To be educated on how to sell I have read countless books from Sales Advantage to Sales Dogs.  To be trained on how to sell, I have reached out to team members, programs and other sales people to have them look at what I am doing and work with me on what I need to adjust.  To be educated on how to handle money I have read books from Rich Dad, Poor Dad to The Millionaire Next Door.  To be trained on how to handle money I have taken programs, worked with mentors and paid people to work with me and my money.

I believe it is very important to be educated in what you are doing.  But let me ask you this: I have just read every book I could find on how to fly a plane.  Would you like to go up with me on my first flight?  Or would you rather I found someone who knows how to fly and have them train me first?

This is something that Dale Carnegie has helped many organizations with.  If you would like help doing this with your employees or yourself, call me at 515.724.3163 or email me at Ryan dot Lynch at Dale Carnegie dot com.  I want to help.

~Ryan Lynch