Tony Robbins

Amber and I just went to our first Tony Robbins experience over this past weekend and it  was incredible.  Over 50 hours in just four days and I would have happily taken more. We focused on state, rewiring some negatively held beliefs, and energy. Since getting back I have been working on Tony’s 10 day challenge for eating and been really impressed with the results so far. It is basically eating for energy and I am amazed by how little that I have to eat to get incredible amounts of energy.

I am also very happy that Amber joined me because it was  a great experience to have together and I think just those four days pushed our relationship even deeper than it was previously.  I am a very lucky man to have a woman who is so kind and giving and who wants to grow with me.

I am grateful for good food.

I am grateful for always wanting to help.

I am grateful for tickle monster.

I am grateful for hug monster.

I am grateful for girls who are excited to get better with Amber and me.

I am grateful for deep breaths.

I am grateful for water.

I am grateful for faith.

I am grateful for movement.

I am grateful for dancing.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch