Today, I Was Referred by a Billionaire

It is not everyday that a billionaire tells the world about you, so today I get to toot my own horn.  Wednesday night on the CBS show “Person to Person” Warren Buffett was profiled.  He walked the audience through his office and discussed the things there that were important to him.  I will let him do the talking instead of me:

Skip to minute 6:00 if you only want to hear the part about Dale Carnegie.  (I would recommend watching the whole thing though as he talks about his philosophy of investing throughout.)

First off, when they ask Warren what in his office is of importance to him, he automatically goes to his Dale Carnegie certificate from 50 years ago!  He talks about how it was able to greatly alter his life and help him throughout his career.

Dale Carnegie has obviously changed quite a bit in the last five decades, what we have done is expanded how we can help people communicate.  We can help people communicate with their staff (leadership). We can help team members communicate more effectively with each other (team member engagement).  We can help companies work more easily with their customers (customer satisfaction/sales).  We can help employees better understand who they are and what they are doing (confidence/improve moral).  We can do so much more beyond this.

I just find it amazing that a man who is the third richest individual in the entire world keeps a plaque he received from my organization over a half a century ago because we were able to affect his life so greatly.  The things that he has on his wall are pictures of his family, the Medal of Freedom and a reminder of the skills he learned from Dale Carnegie.

If that does not give me the right to toot my own horn, I don’t know what does.

The interesting thing that I have found from working with Dale Carnegie is that the people who come up and tell me they have been trained by us are almost always in a leadership position.  Many times they are executives, VPs, Presidents or the owner of the company.  I believe that speaks volumes.

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~Ryan Lynch