Thursday 9-15-2016

I am so thankful that I am consistently meeting new people to help and learn from. I am grateful to have met Rhett and Stacy. I know that I will help them get to where they want to go.  I am grateful that Des Moines is giving me good weather to continue my love affair with biking that I found this Summer. Getting out yesterday was refreshing and helps me move further towards  being my best self.  I am grateful for the expired calls that I was making yesterday.  My very first conversation, I stayed on script, was able to move all the way from script to dialog to conversation, and helped someone move from being very weary of me, to saying a truly honest thank you for my call by the end. That is my goal for every call.  In just five minutes, I can help people understand that I truly am calling to help.  I am grateful that Nora loves her gymnastics class so much.  Afterwards, she said “I want to do more.  More gymnastics.”  I am glad she has already found something she wants to pursue.  I am grateful for getting to sit with my wife and watch Sherlock.  We are currently re-watching it and it is incredibly fun the second time around.

I also found myself having an interesting conversation and thought that I wanted to record.  I am frustrated at how simply one person can become a realtor. It only takes three weeks of class and $2500, and BOOM, you are a realtor.  There is no more required training, education, or coaching.  It means that there are a ton of realtors out there who don’t have much of a clue of what they are doing.  Having spent easily $30,000 on training myself (so far) in the last 2.5 years, it makes me excited that I am so far ahead of many of my peers.  It just frustrates me that others do not take the profession as seriously.  I am grateful that I want to, and that I have found something I am so passionate about.

~Ryan Lynch