These are my Confessions

So I am in a bad mood, right now.  There is no real reason.  I say that because I have reasons, but they were all there before the bad mood started, and they will all be there after the bad mood goes away.  I simply chose to focus on the bad things for a long enough period of time that they have developed a wonderful little mood that I am now sitting in.

I can say with 100% certitude that you are what you think about.  If you focus on the bad things, bad things will happen and you will notice them.  This will cause you to focus more on the bad things, creating even more and the cycle repeats itself.

Instead, if I took the time to think about what is good about the things that are happening to me (there are always good with bad, and vice-versa), I would be in a much better mood.  And as I have written countless times before, I have my whys, I have my whats, and I even have some hows for focusing on those good things.

In the few minutes it has taken me to write this, my anger, frustration and worry have gone away.  It is amazing what happens when you choose what to focus on.