The Roller Coaster Continues

I am amazed at what meditating has done to me and how steady, stable and consistent I am. Last week I had four different deals have significant issues.  This week I am putting 4 listings on the market (one of which was a deal that fell apart last week).  Through it all I have stayed consistent on what I need to do. Through it all I have been able to keep my calm and simply move forward.

The life of an entrepreneur is incredible. I said that I like variety in my day, and man am I getting it.  I lost that 8 plex a few weeks ago, and then I was just informed yesterday that the buyers backed out and I have another chance at it. I will admit that there is a part of me that is apprehensive about moving forward with how much volatility that I am seeing in my business right now.  I know that I need to keep moving toward my goals and figure  it out as I go. I will fail spectacularly at some points, and I will achieve more than I ever dreamed possible. That is the way of Ryan Lynch.

I am grateful for Nora loving gymnastics.

I am grateful for Hailey becoming more communicative.

I am grateful for Molly’s hugs.

I am grateful for Amber growing exponentially.

I am grateful for deep, calming breaths.

I am grateful for Scott being amazing.

I am grateful for more chances to be a badass.

I am grateful for an amazing world to live in.

I am grateful for simple a-has.

I am grateful for driving.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch