The Power of the Mastermind

I have been reading and listening to Napoleon Hill as of late and thinking about one of the main concepts that he talks about: the Mastermind Principal.  This principal is that if you get a group of people together who are focused on the same goal, together they will produce more, faster than if each of them had worked on it separately.  I have found that it does more than that.

I have two masterminds that I actively participate in now.  One is at work.  My Dale Carnegie team is a group of individuals set towards partnering with companies to improve their people.  We do this through two different methods.  One is tactical, we enroll specific employees into our public trainings where they are trained how to improve their communication skills, sales skills, leadership abilities, presentation skills and much more. The other way we partner with businesses is strategically.  (Every time I say or hear that word I think of Will Farrell as President Bush saying “Strategery.”)  In this way we work with businesses to find exactly where they want to go and then create trainings to help the entire organization get there.

The beauty of my Dale Carnegie Mastermind is how quickly it is acclimating me to consulting, sales, training and much more.  Everyday I am being pushed to better understand our processes and the businesses that we work with.  I am learning so much, so fast that I am constantly amazed at how quickly I become comfortable in situations that just weeks before were causing nervousness and anxiety.  Here the mastermind is giving me education and confidence while exposing me to new experiences all of the time.

My second mastermind is with my wife, Amber.  She and I are working together on our financial independence.  We both are studying, talking and creating the financial life that we want.  This mastermind has been going on for just under a year now, but we have already advanced significantly from where we began.  We started by assessing where we were, deciding where we wanted to go and then creating the habits that we needed to cultivate in order to get there.  One of those habits was simply keeping track of where all of our money was going.  This simple step was eye opening to say the least.  But then to watch what happened when we took control of our cashflow has been even more so.  In ten short months we have built up capital for investing, paid down a good chunk of debt and still been able to save extra money for fun and entertainment.

The power of this mastermind, for me, is drive.  I know the life that I want to have with Amber and the life that I want to give Amber.  So when I get home from work and all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch tv, I don’t.  Because I know that if I just put in one more hour into my financial life, I am one hour closer to getting where I want to go.  And really, once I have clocked enough hours I will be there.  It is like the old saying, “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”

I would highly recommend starting a mastermind with like-minded individuals.  Of course, you will need to know what your goals are to do this.  Because you can’t create a mastermind with people who just, you know, want to do something.  You need to know what that something is.  You need to know what you want to become.  But once you know, joining others who know will greatly behoove you.

What are your thoughts on a mastermind?  Do you already have one?  Tell me about it in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch