The Power of Giving

Last night I had a seller who had not completed everything they agreed to on the inspection addendum, and we are supposed to close tomorrow.  I could tell that he was defensive and apprehensive.  In the course of our conversation I offered to drive over and get on the roof with him to help him out. Instantly, his entire demeanor changed.  I could tell there was gratitude, and more than that, he knew that someone was there for him.

Offering more than is expected is always a good choice. Offering to help is always a good choice. I want to create long term, lasting relationships. I can’t think of a better way to do that then to treat everyone as a friend.

Also, it rained a lot yesterday and when I got home with the girls they wanted to splash in the puddles. So we went outside and it was so fun to watch them just play and not care. I love those two so much. Then the Sun came out and it is an amazing feeling to feel that blast of warmth hit after the rain has been hitting you. Just amazing.

I am grateful for snuggles with Amber.

I am grateful for laughing with Amber.

I am grateful for watching two girls play in the rain.

I am grateful for the sunshine on my face.

I am grateful for sisters who love each other.

I am grateful for thinking about what I think.

I am grateful for clients who are friends.

I am grateful for good conversation with Button.

I am grateful for pushing for my gratitude to be shared.

I am grateful for being happy.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch