The Perfect Wedding

Get it going!

Amber and I are spending most of our free time recently working on our wedding.  I thought this was a perfect example of focusing on something that you want.

If you had asked me even just a few months ago what I hoped for out of my wedding I would have given you a cheesy line like “I don’t care as long as Amber is there.”  But now that Amber and I have sat down and discussed what we both want out of our wedding, it is amazing to see it all coming together.

We have worked on different parts at different times, and we are absolutely relying on professionals to take what we give them and run with it.  But it amazes me that just putting together all of the different small parts come together into one amazing whole.

What’s even more, is that once things get set in motion they continue to move forward without us focusing on it.  Last week I was given Amber’s wedding band and cake samples on the same day even though I had not talked with either provider for weeks before that.  Right now Amber and I are focused on writing the ceremony, but we have meetings coming up to work on decorations, cake, food and my bachelor party is this weekend.

It just goes to show that if you have a goal to work towards, and get the ball rolling, nothing can stop the snowball from building.  Choose where you want to go.  Pack the beginnings of your snowball, and get it rolling!