The Law of Attraction

What you focus on grows. You get what you expect. You are what you think about. You shape your own reality. All of these are different ways of describing the law of attraction.  The first one is the one that I have always used.

Yesterday I had two great conversations with new buyers. One had left me earlier in the week (poor communication between spouses), and because I was kind and up front, she came back.  One was drawn to me after a 2 minute introduction in a networking group.  Both are going to be over $200,000 deals.  Both are going to be referral sources for years to come. What you focus on grows.

Last night was also a huge spot for gratitude. For the first time in a few weeks, my whole family got to go to Nora’s gymnastic lessons.  That was really fun.  Hailey is just growing up in pure joy, and she spent her time exploring and screaming happily.  Nora had a new instructor that she was scared of at first, and then was hugging by the end.  Amber and I got to hang out.  I love my life.

~Ryan Lynch