The Impossible is Highly Probable

I am so interested in my shift in mindset. Yesterday I went in to talk to the KW Commercial department about helping my mentor out on the commercial side. They were so negative on the market for investors in general and talked about how hard it is to get into. They told me that I couldn’t do both commercial and residential at the same time.

Then they instantly told me about exceptions to the rule while still telling me I couldn’t do it. They then spent the rest of the time telling me how difficult the market is and how hard it would be.

What is interesting to me is where my mind went. They were spilling doom and gloom and I thought about how my mentor is doing what all other investors  is telling me is impossible right now. He is finding tons of deals and making 2-3 times as much as everyone else per deal. I am doing what everyone says is impossible in my business. I am in the top 20% of realtors at my office while barely ever working nights, weekends, and working less than 40 hours per week.  All you have to do to do the impossible is figure it out. And with the combination of myself and my mentor I think the impossible is highly probably.

I am grateful for people sharing their  mindset.

I am grateful for seeing old friends.

I am grateful for an amazing future.

I am grateful for giggles at bath time.

I am grateful for a nerd wife.

I am grateful for a hard market.

I am grateful for grocery helpers.

I am grateful for determination.

I am grateful for stories of perseverance.

I am grateful for honesty.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch