The Girls’ Birthday Weekend

I am so happy and grateful now that I have a one and four year old.  This weekend was a big ball of fun.  Dory came Friday, and hung out with us all evening.  Saturday we got family pictures done with Rachel.  Then in the afternoon we had Nora’s gymnastics party.  She had so much fun and so did all of her friends.  It was wonderful to have the whole gym to ourselves, and then they even took them into the big kids gym.  It was a huge win for all of the kids.  Adam was here at that point as well, so I know he took a ton of great photos.

Sunday we made it out to the Diner with my parents as well.  Then we got ready for the family birthday party.  Mary Lou made it and Margie made it back to Des Moines in time as well.  I even got Myles to come out and he brought Malea who was a huge hit.  By the time everything was done, everyone was tired and so we all rested. Then Amber wanted to get out so we went for a walk around Grey’s Lake.  Only Nora wanted to run the entire time, which made everyone happy. Hearing Hailey giggle as she was speeding along chasing us was amazing. I am so grateful for such an amazing life.

At the end of the night Amber and I discussed a lot of different things about how we both want to make things even better.  I brought up my Miracle Mornings and how  they have changed me already.  I was thinking about how my situation has not shifted dramatically yet.  I feel dramatically different about it though. I am calm, confident, and I have faith in myself and my world.  I know that I am going to create the huge life that I do want.  I am focused on it and I am doing more and more to make it happen.  If I can share that with Amber, I would be incredibly happy.

Thank you for this life!

~Ryan Lynch