The Beauty of Avatar

I went to see Avatar over the Holiday week, twice.  First I went by myself at a regular sized theater in 3D and then again with Amber and her brother at the Imax up in Minnesota.  Needless to say, it was amazing.

But what I wanted to talk about was the thoughts that went through my head after I had watched it the first time.  I just had to wander around the mall for about 20 minutes afterward thinking about all that I had taken in.  What my thoughts revolved around were how proud I was of James Cameron for taking such a big gamble, and for putting so much effort into what HE WANTED to do.

He waited over a decade because he had a vision of exactly what he wanted, and he was not going to stop until he got it.  He invented new technologies, he wrote and directed everything to get exactly what he wanted.  I absolutely love that that payed off.  Too often today, everything (especially movies) is done by committee.  So what you end up getting is the lowest common denominator.  You get what a group of people think the masses want.

That is why I was so happy for people like James Cameron and Matthew Vaughen (Kick Ass) for making movies that they want to make, and making them how they want to make them.  And it looks like both of their bets are going to pay off huge.  See what happens when you make something you consider good, instead of something you hope everyone else will consider good?  There is a huge difference.