Thank You for Not Doing Business With Me!

help othersI have been referred to people who are looking to rent.  I have helped them all.

I have gotten calls from people asking me to tell them what their house would sell for.  I have helped them all.

I have given people other options rather than selling their home.  (renting, renegotiating loans, etc.)  Some of them have been able to successfully take those options.

One of my favorite questions to ask people when I am keeping in touch is, “What are you working on now where you could use some assistance?”  I have repeatedly been able to connect people who are striving for similar outcomes to help each other reach those goals.

None of this would be considered business, because no money exchanged hands.  I would contend that extreme value has been created, though.  This is how I choose to do business.  I want to be your trusted resource who just so happens to be a Realtor and real estate investor.  I believe that the more people that I help do anything, the more people will think of me when they hear a friend say they are wanting to buy, sell, or invest in real estate.  That is the definition of win-win for me.

So if you need assistance inside or outside of real estate, let me know.  If I can’t be of direct assistance, I bet I know someone who can.  Call me at 515.724.3163, email me at, or find more about me at   or

Make it a fantastic day!

~Ryan Lynch