Takeaways from Tony

One of the big things that I took away from Tony Robbins UPW was that at any moment there are a plethora of ways that I could be feeling and that I could have an effect on those feelings.  I was amazed that I could be tired and starting to zone out and with a few simple moves and words I could be awake, alert and ready to go for hours more.

Since I have been back I have been feeling good.  I say that simply but that is a big turnaround from how I was feeling prior  to going to Tony.  I have been afraid for the future  and concerned about my ability to handle everything that is coming my way. Now I feel excited about what is coming my way and confident that I will be able to handle that. And those moments where doubt or fear creep back in, I have methods for putting myself back into a state of moving forward. I am in the exact same situation either way. There are a multitude of ways that I could feel about it. Why wouldn’t I choose the most empowering way to feel to get myself the best possible outcome?

I am grateful for conversations with my girls.

I am grateful for singing in the backseat.

I am grateful for two girls who love each other and listen to each other.

I am grateful for snuggling with Amber.

I am grateful for  getting up early and getting my day started well.

I am grateful for strong parents.

I am grateful for good work collaborators.

I am grateful for deep breath.

I am grateful for stopping and taking a minute for me.

I am grateful for movement.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch