Surprised… and Grateful

So I have been doing this Miracle Morning thing for only a couple of weeks fully now.  And I am absolutely amazed by what is happening.  I feel amazing. I just simply feel better consistently. I have been really focusing on my feelings in the moment, in as many moments as I can. I have been focusing on when I feel negative, and what I can do to adjust that feeling to feel positive. I am consistently using gratitude as the main leverage point for adjusting those feelings. In any given moment, there is so much for me to be grateful for.

Take for example, this past Saturday night. I was lucky enough to get a date night with my wife.  We decided on dinner and a movie since we so rarely get to do that anymore.  On the way to the theater, I started to think about work and things on my plate and I noticed I felt weighted down. So I started to think about what I was grateful for. I was on a great date, with my great wife, going to see a great movie and have great dinner. I was strong, healthy and alive.  I got to have full conversations with my wife. I was excited to spend time with her, and just simply get to hold her hand.  While this was happening, my parents were home with my children. So my parents get time with their grandkids, and my children get time with their grandparents. I am extremely grateful for that. And I felt so good!  I just calmed my mind and enjoyed my time with my amazing wife.

Also, my business (already) seems to be getting easier.  Deals are popping up easily and they are leading to more deals. People feel easier to work with because I am serving them to the best of my ability with a more focused mind and focused agenda. I also have found my conversations with clients are already becoming easier, simply because I am being more direct with them, and giving more of myself to them.

And these are just two of the benefits. I would also point out that I am working out more regularly thanks to my miracle morning, and I can already see tons of benefits from that.

Thank you for the miracle morning. Thank you for giving it a try and seeing what will happen. Thank you for this amazing life.

~Ryan Lynch