Yesterday surprised me.  I had taken a week off and I wrote yesterday about how that affected my mindset.  So yesterday I jumped right back in and did my miracle morning.  Number one, it felt fantastic!  Number two, because of how I scheduled the beginning of my day I had a shorter time frame to get everything done in the day, and yet I finished everything with time to spare. Having my focus and knowing what I needed to get done, I got it all done.

I had extra time so I listened to Tony Robbins’ podcast on changing your state, story, and strategies to succeed. It is incredibly powerful.

And then I spent my night playing with the girls, and relaxing with Amber.  My life is good!

I am grateful for being a runner.

I am grateful for my writing and understanding.

I am grateful for good people to help me get done what I need to.

I am grateful for Hailey’s gibberish.

I am grateful for Nora’s ability to learn and grow.

I am grateful for Tony Robbins.

I am grateful for driving.

I am grateful for dreaming big and going big.

I am grateful for amazing people in my life.

I am grateful for good books.

I love my life! Thank you!

~Ryan Lynch