Strength and Weakness

This is something that I wrote in college.  I would guess some time in 2003.

When I was weak, I thought that strong (willed) people were selfish and didn’t think of others.  But as I grew stronger willed, I realized that strong people care very deeply for others.  But they realize that they are themselves.  No one else is them.  So in their world, their opinion is the most important.  Because you should always be the deciding vote for you.

And here is another on the same topic from the same time period:

I always used to wonder why big guys would choose to follow physically smaller, sometimes abusive “bad guys.”  It took me awhile to realize that other people did not want to lead.  Then I had to realize that I could choose to lead for many reasons.  Not all of them are good.

And one more from the same period:

Stop telling people what to do and just lead by example.  Do it yourself.  Sounds like I am telling you what to do, but I am simply telling myself.