Social Media Shaman – WordPress Rocks!!!

I highly recommend WordPress.

So I was just scrolling through my WordPress back end when I saw them recommending something called “Sexy Bookmarks.”  So I clicked in to see what it was and it turns out that it adds to every one of your websites pages the ability for your readers to share directly to up to 100 different social media sites.  This is fantastic!

I just wanted to take a moment to describe how wonderful WordPress is.  If you ever had a fancy to blog, you can get a completely free blog on WordPress.COM.  But if you want more control, I highly recommend going to WordPress.ORG.  It gives you the download that you can put right into your own server and have total control over your blog.  It doesn’t cost anything.  (Although the server can.)

If you are a business, a hobbyist or you just want to share your thoughts with the world; WordPress gives you an extremely cheap, extremely Google-friendly option to get out there and start doing it.

Other plugins I would recommend would be:

Akismet – This is like a spam filter for comments, and it works beautifully.

Post Teaser – This allows you to cut off your posts at a certain point so that the entire text does not show up on your homepage.  This is helpful if you are interested in seeing which posts are popular. (See the next recommendation.)

Google Analytics for WordPress – You need to have a Google Analytics account for this to work, which is free.  But this lets you see who is coming to your blog, from where and much more.  Plus, if you combine this with the Post Teaser plugin described above you can see which posts are getting clicked through, and therefore which ones are the most popular.