Social Media Shaman – Social Media, Our New God

First off, have your mind blown by this video:

Pick your chin up off the floor.  Aren’t some of those facts just face melting?  I think the one that really threw me for a loop is that 1 in every 8 marriages were started by the two people meeting online.  For one thing, it is already 1 in 8???  For another, when you think of meeting the person you are going to marry, do you think of rating them online first?  I sure don’t.  (But I do have to admit that my first girlfriend ever, I met in a chat room.  We are not, however, married.)

I think this video shows that you must take social media seriously.  If you think you don’t need a Facebook account, did you think the same thing about an email address or a cell phone?  Social media allows us to be connected to more people, more deeply.  I love logging on and simply seeing what my 900 closest friends are up to. : )

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have given me fantastic friendships and incredible learning experiences.  What have they done for you?

3 thoughts on “Social Media Shaman – Social Media, Our New God

  1. In regards to education I thought it was interesting that online students are out performing those receiving face to face instruction. To be honest, I wish I could restart my education with a better mix of online vs face to face.

  2. Ryan-

    Your observations are so true, and the video does bring up many interesting facts. I personally drug my feet to get started with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but now they have become parts of my everyday life. I refer to them more often than the newspaper, TV, or even web based news. Not only do I get instant updates on the happenings of the world, I also get my friends and colleagues reactions. I use each of these mediums for different parts of my life, but I have become quite dependent on them. I look forward to seeing what the next wave will bring and how it will further enrich my life both socially and professionally.

  3. Sam, that one kind of got to me too. I wonder if that is because the video hits on the exact topics that the test will be on, where a teacher is dynamic and can go off subject. I don’t know which I think would be better. I guess it would depend on the application.

    Aaron, I could not agree more. Social media sites are the very first thing I check in the morning. They have opened up new interests and opportunities that I know I would have never conceived of without them. Considering that none of the big three (FB, Twitter and LinkedIn) existed much more than 5 years ago, I am interested to see what is available in the next 5.

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